Entrepreneurship Development

A professional student-run, non-profit organization that comprises of a diversified executive team from various departments within York University.

EDA Event Calendar 2019-2020

About Us

Our mission is to motivate, assist, and develop the skills of students who have a desire to pursue entrepreneurial ventures.EDA’s ultimate goal is to connect students with practitioners and resources needed to strengthen their venture ideas and to explore entrepreneurship as a career.

The EDA engages professionals through various high- demand workshops and networking events - constantly growing and evolving the association’s events to fit with demand.


Our Purpose

To Educate

We aim to broaden students perspectives on the complexity involved in starting and running their own business

To Encourage

We strive to motivate students to pitch innovative business ideas and plans they have to grow into a business

To Connect

We provide access to practitioners and government representatives who can assist students in implementing their business plans

To Provide Guidance

We increase awareness of the resources that are available for early start-ups with regards to mentorship and finances

To Develop

We strengthen students' networking skills through activities such as seminars and events where students can interact with professionals.

To Collaborate

We create a network through connecting with government representatives, small businesses and other organizations.

Our Testimonials

“ I have been involved for 3-4 years with EDA events. One thing that I enjoy is to see how engaged the students are. It is really exciting to see the love of entrepreneurship in the students”
Peter Albert
Senior Partner at BDO
“What makes me excited to meet group like the EDA is that students get a chance to connect with their profession. They get a chance to connect with mentors, role models and people in the industry who have gone before them.
Sean Mullin
Recruiter at CPA Ontario
“The key to getting successful is networking by coming to events like the event’s EDA is so valuable that you can’t afford to miss these kinds of things.”
Julian Contento
Digital Advisor at RBC
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