Our mission is to motivate, assist, and develop the skills of students who have a desire to pursue entrepreneurial ventures.EDA’s ultimate goal is to connect students with practitioners and resources needed to strengthen their venture ideas and to explore entrepreneurship as a career.

The EDA engages professionals through various high- demand workshops and networking events - constantly growing and evolving the association’s events to fit with demand.

As we saw businesses struggle to engage with their audience on a human level, Mario Francella wanted to create a way for people to easily share their knowledge online with their audience; thus, MJF Solution was born.

MJF Solution is a lead generation marketing agency based in Canada. Our goal as an organization is to help our clients find balance in their content marketing and generating business through new clientele

MJF Solution was founded on the belief that the best content establishes trust, breathes authenticity, and provides readers with true value. The way to create this content is through working with experts and extracting their knowledge.

Mario Francella wanted to create a company to help business leaders share their expertise through re-branding and positioning them as an authority in the market

Ownr is an online service that provides a quick and convenient way to register or incorporate businesses, at a fraction of what it would cost with a lawyer.

Ownr is a powerful tool that equips aspiring Canadian entrepreneurs with everything they need to start and launch
their business which includes: 

• Business Registration
• Incorporation
• AI-powered Logo Design Tool