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Event 1

The goal of this event is to connect students with subject matter experts and entrepreneurs from various industries. Business partners shall share their experiences and successes to motivate students to pursue entrepreneurship. This workshop shall focus on introduction to the world of entrepreneurship, outline resources available in the York University ecosystem to support student entrepreneurship and organize a networking session to build meaningful business connections.

Event 2

The goal of this event is to educate students that have business ideas but do not know how to get a physical product in the market. A product management expert shall educate students on how to test the feasibility of an idea to ensure it’s the RIGHT one and to discuss the product development stage for converting an idea into a functioning business.


Many students with business ideas lack the financial know-how to launch their idea. Through this workshop, EDA will be connecting students with 1) a senior manager at an international accounting firm who shall outline various financial techniques and resources for establishing a start-up and 2) a government representative who shall inform students about government funding, summer grants and how students can qualify to receive money for their start-up idea.

Event 4


EDA shall be hosting this event in partnership with Atkinson Professional Accounting Association (APAA), Human Resource Student Association (HRSA) and Finance Students Association (FSA). Participants will have a chance to work in teams and pitch a solution to a real world business case problem to a panel of industry experts. The best business ideas will be rewarded with 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes.

Event 5

The top indicator of a business’s performance lies in its sales figures. Students will have a chance to hear from a real estate marketing entrepreneur on how to implement marketing strategies to get more sales and how to sell yourself as a sales person.  


Event 6

Protecting one’s business idea and the process of establishing a start-up venture brings up several legal considerations. This workshop shall feature a startup lawyer who will describe how to identify risk, how to incorporate a business and resources to assist with licensing, registration and patents. A legal clinic will be on site as well to address common start-up failures and offer help to students looking for legal advice.  

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