Who We Are

What We Offer

EDA hosts a series of events throughout the academic year, which
are a collection of theory, experiential and hands-on workshops
conducted by experienced entrepreneurs.

The workshops mainly consist of two parts, an information session
at the beginning shared by our veteran entrepreneur(s) and a group
engagement/ discussion towards the end.

The objective of the workshop:

  •  To identify key business techniques and how to
    communicate business ideas to key leaders in the industry
  • To educate and broaden student perspective on the
    complexity involved in starting and running a business
  • To provide guidance and increase awareness of financial
    resources available for early start-ups.
  • To increase networking opportunities amongst students,
    practitioners and government representatives
    To encourage students to pitch innovative business ideas
    that have the potential to grow into a business

History Of EDA

The Entrepreneurship Development Association (EDA) was founded in 2015 by two York University business
students, Judy Peters and Mark S. Peisach. In Peters; last year of study, she was involved in few entrepreneurship projects and found the lack of awareness and resources available to undergraduate students to be the top challenge. Peters approached Professor Peggy Nguyen, Director of Liberal Arts and Professional
Studies (LA&PS), and Mark Peisach, an accounting student with the idea to start a student association. The purpose of the association would be to empower and educate young entrepreneurs with the skills and experiences needed to pursue their passion.

Through jointed collaboration, taking into account Peisach’s analytical skills and Peters’s organizational skills and under the guidance of Professor Nguyen, EDA was born.

Today the association offers a series of entrepreneurial workshops such as Business Life-Cycle, Marketing & Sales Strategies, Financial consideration for start ups, Legal Strategies where students get the opportunity to engage in discussions, network, and learn from successful entrepreneurs.


With diversity in mind, we can foster an environment of innovation and cooperation where true learning happens.


we speak the language of change and consistently strive to develop new and effective practices to produce the best possible outcomes.


Creativity is the lifeline of any sustainable organization.


our goals to established entrepreneurs with responsibility to perform well and to give all stakeholders a platform to share their insights and create value.